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As a performer I find myself working all over the world on many different projects with some of the most inspirational, enthusiastic and brilliant musicians around. This experience, together an infectious enthusiasm, forms the basis of my teaching career, which runs alongside my performing and involves courses, workshops and private lessons.

December 2010 saw the release of my solo CD 'Songs Without Words'. Featuring music by Monteverdi, Schütz, Frescobaldi, Castello, Fontana, Ortiz, Van Eyck and brand new divisions and improvisations on classic songs, this is the first full-length CD to feature the sackbut as a solo instrument. More... is a 'jumping off' point and gathering of information relating to the various aspects of my career as freelance trombone player and teacher including my ensembles, teaching, solo CD and sackbut tutor book.

"Woolf again impresses the listener with impeccable intonation coupled with virtuosic technique, always with suave phrasing."
Taken from an Historic Brass Society review of the Caecilia-Concert's latest recording, Schmelzer & Co.


It is Adam Woolf''s virtue that he has almost single-handedly put the sackbut as a solo instrument on the map.
taken from a review of 'Songs Without Words'


DUO SERAPHIM - 20 heavenly duets for trombones.

With play-along CD!

* CD available at A=440Hz and A=465Hz

* Use the book to play with friends or with the CD.

* Including facsimile prints of some pieces.

* Suitable for modern and baroque trombones.

* Including translations of all texts.

* With repertoire for players of all levels.

Music by Josquin, Senfl, Lassus, Morley, Cima, Rognoni, Falconieri, Banchieri and more...

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"Adam, just have to tell you how much I'm enjoying playing duets with you. Thanks for Duo Seraphim, it's taken away a lot of the loneliness of practice sessions"

William Weddle, Trombonist.

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'Castello & Co' is the fourth CD from Caecilia-Concert and is available from our website

"Adam Woolf’s beautfi ul and stylish playing is heard clearly throughout this disc, for those interested in hearing the sackbut at its best."

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ALSO AVAILABLE! - Sackbut Solutions, a practical guide to playing the sackbut.

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My newly published tutor-book for sackbut entitled 'Sackbut Solutions' is now for sale through this website.

Based on years of performing experience and backed up with information from historial sources, this is the first book of its kind.

Over 200 pages of advice, exercises and repertoire, compiled especially for the sackbut and covering techniques including, Articulation, Tuning, Temperaments, Ornamentation.

16 solo pieces plus duets, trios and larger...

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Solo CD 'Songs Without Words' More...

'Canzoni per Sonare' - from HMSC, featuring glorious music from Venice, is available from

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Tuition via Skype! Lessons available to anywhere in the world on a one-off or regular basis. More...